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The 2nd International Congress of Cancer Genomics (CGC2024) will be held in Tehran on 2024. Considering the interdisciplinary orientation of the congress towards Cancer Biomarkers, Molecular Diagnosis, Personalized Medicine, and Targeted Therapy, this congress will undoubtedly open a new window in holding scientific and commercialization conferences for the scientific communities.

In this new subject-oriented experience, by inviting all scientific societies related to the subject of molecular diagnosis and targeted cancer therapy, a dynamic interaction among students, researchers, and entrepreneurs in the fields of bioinformatics, genetics, cell and molecular biology, medicine, oncology, Pharmacy, etc. is provided.

With God’s care and by achieving the ultimate goals of congress, we hope to take a big step towards improving health care with the aim of optimizing the effectiveness of treatment and minimizing unnecessary medical costs.

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The 2nd International Congress of Cancer Genomics (CGC2024) will be held in Tehran on 2024.

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