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Message from Prof. Seyed Javad Mowla

The first International Cancer Genomics Congress (CGC2023) was a unique experience of holding a 4th-generation scientific conference. Along with the evolution of the world’s universities from a teaching-oriented university (first generation) to a research-oriented one (second generation), and then an entrepreneurial university (third generation) and a socially responsible university (fourth generation), Cancer Genomics Congress was designed and implemented in three axes: scientific (educational-research), commercialization and social responsibility. Identifying and organizing the country’s cancer ecosystem, forming an inclusive network of researchers, students, and experts in the field of cancer, inclusive participation of governmental institutions, scientific associations, and charities related to cancer, cancer research, and clinical centers from all over the country, forming a network of provincial representatives, the presence of a wide range of prominent speakers from inside and outside the country, attracting and supporting specialized startups in the field of cancer… were some of the valuable achievements of the first experience of the Cancer Genomics Congress. Undoubtedly, holding the congress was not without shortcomings. We have tried to collect and analyze all the feedback from the audiences and benefited from these comments to improve the quality of the Second International Congress of Cancer Genomics Congress (CGC2024) as much as possible.

I am very pleased to announce the official start of CGC2024 congress activities. With the experiences gained from the first congress, we intend to organize the second Cancer Genomics Congress with higher quality and efficiency. In the CGC2024 Congress, we will witness the stronger presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology and the Innovation and Prosperity Fund. The implementation of the student’s ideation festival and the high school student festival will be among the new programs of the CGC2024 Congress. Like the previous congress, we still hope for your participation and cordial cooperation (whether in the form of executive and international committees or the form of presence and activity in the social networks of the congress). The hope is that with your helps we can create a glorious scientific event.

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The 2nd International Congress of Cancer Genomics (CGC2024) will be held in Tehran on 2024.

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